Make Every Day Better

Make Every Day Better

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Are you currently stressed out way more than usual?  Did you know that long term exposure to elevated stress levels can weaken your immune system?

The Mayo Clinic teaches us that when you are stressed out, your body releases a hormone called cortisol.  There are many bodily functions that become disrupted to an overexposure to cortisol. This causes anxiety, depression, heart disease, sleep problems, headaches, and weight gain.  All of these problems lead to a lower immune system.  Learn more about how chronic stress puts your health at risk from the Mayo Clinic 👉

Would you like to reduce your elevated stress level?  Hot tubbing is medically proven to reduce stress!  Another benefit of hot tubbing is raising your core temperature, which helps fight disease keeping you healthy.  And while all of these wonderful medical benefits are happening, you are able to spend more quality time with your family.  Ultimately, a hot tub from Backyard Leisure helps you do more of what you love!

Today, we invite you to make “Make Every Day Better” with a new hot tub from Backyard Leisure!