Which Commercial Should We Make?


We’re letting you decide which commercial we produce for next year’s Big Game!

Idea #1 – Hot Tub Horse Delivery

Description: In the spirit of the the the Big Game, we would show a fleet of horses, preferably Clydesdales, delivering a hot tub to a happy new customer! Think beer, but with a hot tub.🍻

Idea #2 – Cruisin’ the Bash

Description: Picture this – A delivery truck loaded up with a hot tub, driving down Wabash Avenue, but Josh is actually in the hot tub! Do you remember those nebulous Lincoln commercials with Matthew McConaughey? Something like that! 🤌


All voters will receive a $250 coupon off of a new hot tub!

Plus, current customers will receive an additional $50 store credit!

Here Are the Rules!

  • One vote per person
  • One coupon and store credit per household
  • Voting ends February 28, 2022 at 5:00PM EDT
  • We will announce the winning commercial idea on our Facebook Page, March 4th 2022

hot tub
you need it!