Smartop Spa Cover


Smartop Spa Cover is manufactured to the highest quality standards with a goal of providing an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting hot tub cover unlike any other in the market

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Vanish XL

Experience the world around you with the Smartop Vanish XL. Finger-tip light and velvet-smooth opening and closing, make positioning the Smartop in the open position nearly effortless and creates a 360-degree view for you to enjoy during your hot tub experience.


The Smartop Upright is a top-quality spa lid that creates a private and peaceful hot tub experience with its functional space-saving design. Feather-light opening and closing, durability, and a chic, sophisticated appearance make Smartop the perfect new or replacement hot tub cover.

Swim Spa

Smartop Swim Spa Easy Handling - On and Off The dual lift system included with the Smartop Swim Spa cover makes easy work of opening and closing the covers required for larger spas. This swim spa cover is available as an Upright, Vanish XL or Hybrid model

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